Social Street About Us Works Yours Truly

For a good many years (started in 1987), we have been the living organs for all our CLIENTS. Sharp Ears holding on to every word of the client, a sensitive Nose to smell his business and a Throat that gives voice to what the client wants to convey to the consumer.

With a gamut of proffering: Concept, design, copywriting, photography, printing, exhibition displays, gift articles, website design. Origin Hak Communications Pvt. Ltd. covers an entire range of services.

Digital marketing is our current forte.

The clutter in the office means tremendous insight has gone with working out a clean and clear strategy for the brand success in the market.

Scope of Work: From branding companies to designing logos & stationery, from developing concepts and copy-writing to designs & artworks, printing, photography, sourcing or designing gift articles, creating websites, exhibition displays. In fact, whatever your company may need by way of advertising, designing or promotions, Origin Hak has the resources to provide end to end solutions.